Issued in October 1966, “Psychedelic Moods” is the first album in the history of Rock music to incorporate “Psychedelic” in it’s title, beating out “The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators” and The Blues Magoo’s “Psychedelic Lollipop” by one month. The album sold in minute amounts, possibly due to the unforeseen smash success of The Deep’s label mates, “Question Mark and The Mysterions’” whose hit “96 Tears” was number one on the charts.  Since that time though, “Psychedelic Moods” has attained cult status as one of the definitive examples of the then newly emerging “psychedelic sound”. The album was intended to provide the listener with a simulated acid trip, replete with fuzz guitar, flute, backwards guitars, banjo, washboard, xylophone, wild sound effects, and love making. Songs such as “Trip #76”, “Psychedelic Moon”, “Pink Ether”, and “Color Dreams” explored the hallucinatory agony and ecstasy of a 12 hour Technicolor dream.

       Now over 40 years later, this release of “Psychedelic Moods” contains never before heard masters of The Deep that reveal sonic qualities and nuances of their sound that have not been realized till now, because the source for these sounds are from the original four track tapes. In addition to the superlative masters there are previously unseen Deep memorabilia and liner notes detailing the mysterious rise and fall of this New York City band that included David Bromberg and Rusty Evans. The Deep’s sound, while similar to The Velvet Underground, pre-dates their first album, “The Velvet Underground and Nico” by five months.  With full co-operation of original Deep producers, Mark Barkan and Rusty Evans, this release lays to rest the numerous bootlegs issued over the years by Fallout and Radioactive Records.    Track Listings Below:

           Color Dreams (R. Evans)
  1. Pink Ether (R.Evans-D.Blackhurst)
  2. When Rain Is Black (R.Evans-C.Blue)
  3. It’s All A Part Of Me (R.Evans)
  4. Turned On (R.Evans-D.Blackhurst)
  5. Psychedelic Moon (R.Evans-D.Blackhurst)
  6. Shadows On The Wall (R. Evans)
  7. Crystal Nite (M. Barkan-D.Blackhurst)
  8. Trip #76 (R.Evans-M.Barkan-L.Pogan)
  9. Wake Up And Find Me (R.Evans)
  10. Your Choice To Choose (R.Evans-A.Geller)
  11. On Off-Off On (R.Evans)

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Psychedelic Moon (Alternate version)
  2. Trip #76 (take 3)
  3. Trip #76 (take 4)
  4. Your Choice To Choose (Take 1 to 4)
  5. When Rain Is Black (Alternate version)
  6. Black, White, And Gray (demo version of “When Rain Is Black”)











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