Lightnin' Hopkins recorded over a dozen songs for the Clarity Music Company at the "ACA" Recording Studio in Houston in April of 1969. These songs ranged from new originals, such as "Born In The Bottom", "December 7, 1941", "A Rainy Day In Houston", and "Stinking Foot", to oldies such as "Feel Like Ballin' The Jack", "Shake That Thing" and "Shinin' Moon". Since the 1970's some of these songs have been released on haphazard compilations with the bass and drums mixed too high, the guitar leads mixed too low, and excessive "reverb" in an attempt to make Lightnin' sound more contemporary. Now for the first time ever the original four track masters have been re-mixed without any of the extraneous studio misjudgments that marred previous releases. As an added bonus, previously unreleased recordings such as "Movin On Out When The Saints March In", "Old House Torn Down", "Mistrust My Baby And She Mistrust Me", and "Baby Please Don't Do Me Wrong" are included on this compendium of Lightnin' Hopkins gems.  A large selection of never before seen photos, contracts, and documents rounds out this collection of rarities. The net result is 77 minutes of Lightnin' Hopkins in his prime "shootin' fire".


Born In The Bottom
Rainy Day In Houston
A Man Like Me Is Hard To Find
Got A Letter This Morning
Moving On Out 
Shininí Moon
Feel Like Balliní The Jack 
Stinking Foot
December 7, 1941
My Baby Ainít Got No Shoes
My Baby Was Crying For Bread
My Little Darling
Go Ahead - Battle Hymn Of The Republic 
Shake That Thing 
Mistrust My Baby And She Mistrust Me
Moving On Out When The Saints March In
Old House Torn Down
Baby Please Donít Do Me Wrong
Good As Old Time Religion
Iím Shootiní Fire

Lightnin' Hopkins

Shootin' Fire  

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